Grace in Action Summer Ministry Update 2014

The members of the Grace in Action Board of Directors would like to share exciting updates about this ministry with you. We also have new ways you can learn about our activities through published interviews with our Ministry Director, Mary Lou Rossetto. Enjoy reading the updates, and click on the links below. Also, please let us know if you would like more information about how you, too, can be involved.

  • Our laundry ministry has been a huge success, with vouchers given to some guests each month to clean their clothes and other belongings. Your donations and a grant from Soroptimist International of Davis fund this ministry, along with the generosity of the Laundry Lounge.
  • Several guests have benefited from the services of a local optometrist who provides eye examinations and glasses at a reduced rate paid by Grace in Action thanks to the support of our partner churches and individual donors.
  • Donations to Grace in Action allow guests in need of clothing to go shopping with the director at local thrift stores.
  • Some guests who have stepped away from homelessness and into jobs and housing continue to visit Grace in Action to encourage others.
  • You might enjoy watching Mary Lou during an interview with Davis Community Television at the following link:
  • University Covenant Church produced an interview called Mary Lou & Grace in Action:
  • Recently a guest was given several nights in a clean motel room while recovering from a hospital stay, thanks to funds from a grant from St. Martin’s Episcopal Church and emergency funds from other churches.

Thank you for your continued interest in Grace in Action as we strive to reach out to those without shelter and basic needs.

From the Director, November 2014

Dear Friends of Grace in Action,

During this Thanksgiving season, we are so grateful for God’s provision for this ministry and for your part in helping those who are facing difficulties. I’d like to share with you a glimpse into a “typical” day at Grace in Action.

As the day begins, volunteers come to the host church site to prepare for our guests. The volunteers represent many churches in Davis but we all have a common goal- to feed the bodies and souls of those struggling with homelessness and to provide a place of rest and respite. After coffee is made and the tablecloths are laid out, we gather to pray. We praise God for His goodness and for His love and thank Him for His blessings: for a place to gather, for food, for dedicated volunteers and supporters and for changed lives for many of our guests. After saying “Amen”, we put out the purple and white sign letting folks know we are open. We provide a warm welcome and the love of Christ to each person entering the door. Everyone is greeted by name and invited to sit at the long tables to eat. There are smiles as we take time to sit and talk with each individual.

New volunteers are often surprised by the pleasant atmosphere at lunchtime where there is acceptance and community. Besides getting a hearty lunch, guests may get a new pair of socks, a bus ticket to access services in Woodland or a voucher to do their laundry at the local laundromat. Other services our guests may receive are haircuts, legal aid and appointments for optometric care. I meet with individuals to help them with referrals or arrange to meet with them on another day to help them with specific needs.

A man who is a veteran shares that he is extremely grateful for Grace in Action because he feels loved and knows that people care about him. During the last few months he has shared his hopes and dreams, triumphs and struggles. We provided for some of his practical needs- clothing, a tarp and comfortable, size 13, double-wide shoes. He says living without shelter has been incredibly tough but that we have helped him survive. He explains that we gave him more than “things”; we gave him a place to feel comfortable and belong.

It is through our service that we see the depth of God’s love not only for us but also for those who are on the margins of society. Whether you are a donor, a lunch maker, a pie baker, a soup chef, or a minister of hospitality, every contribution (great or small) is important and we are very thankful.

With an overflowing heart,
Happy Thanksgiving,
Mary Lou Rossetto