From the Director, May 2015

From The Director, May 2015

Dear Friends,

Grace in Action is small but awesome. When David came up against Goliath he had a few stones, faith and a mighty God. As a nonprofit we are very much like that young
boy – facing huge challenges with little more than a director, two dozen dedicated volunteers and some faithful donors. Facing homelessness can be overwhelming and seem insurmountable. It is like confronting a giant, but we have a God who does not leave us alone in the battle. He does amazing work through His humble servants and reveals small and large miracles often. Many times when a guest has given up hope of ever changing their life’s direction, God can step in and show us that through Christ all things are possible.

We live in a community overflowing with material abundance, but too often spiritual destitution. Many charities offer a meal or short-term relief from life on the streets. At Grace in Action, in addition to providing food and other services, we see our guests as sons and daughters of a loving Father in need of His grace and love. With each interaction, we seek to be His hands and feet. We work to show them who they are in God’s eyes, loved and treasured and worthy of more.

Grace in Action’s director and volunteers take time to sit with our guests and to get to know them as individuals with unique stories. Trust develops as we walk alongside these men and women who are facing difficult challenges.

Recently there has been a growing focus on the foster care system and the collateral damage caused by broken families. Statistics are bleak for youth raised in foster care. One in five individuals over eighteen will become homeless. We work with a number of individuals who grew up here in Davis as foster children and now are homeless. Some of those individuals have children and sadly their children are now in the foster care system. We need your help to assist those who are trapped in cycles of systemic oppression. God’s love leads to transformation and a new identity. Grace in Action is more than a place to get lunch. Our guests find a healthy community where basic needs are met and love and acceptance abounds.

It is with thanksgiving that I pray for continued blessings for Grace in Action. Please join us in supporting this exciting, essential local ministry. God multiplies every gift of time, energy, in kind donation and money. Together we will continue to battle giants.

In His Name,
Mary Lou Rossetto
Director, Grace in Action

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